Wednesday, 6 November 2013

YOU IN EU club and the Student Council in school announce the start-up of a series of competitions

YOU IN EU club and the Student Council announce a series of competitions to both prepare for main Comenius activities and mobilities and celebrate the 30th anniversary of our school.
 We launch a Bulgarian version of  Colympics and Comenvision to elicit the 6th person on the student member mobility team - the winner in each of the competitions.
Thus, we announce that from next week on
begins the 1. SOFRONIADA (Colympics)
It will pass through several stages,dedicated to different sports and age groups . The neighbouring schools have accepted our invitation to participate and have fun with us! Next week - volleyball!

In the 3rd week of December - 2) SOFRONIVISION  (Comenvision),
 a karaoke competition to serve at least 3 goals - FUN, elicit a WINNER and create a FESTIVE MOOD

In the end of February - a  3| SPEAKING CONTEST  !!!

                                               WELCOME EVERYBODY!


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