The Bulgarian team

Hi! My name is Peter. I'm 13 years old /7th grader/. My hair is brown and my eyes are brown too. My favourite colors are orange and green. I like Rap and R&B music. My favourite singer is Eminem!

Hi! My name is Hrisi and I`m 12 years old /6th grader/.I live in Plovdiv - the second largest city in Bulgaria and I study at St. Sofrony Vrachanski Secondary School .
I'm tall and I've got dark blonde hear and brown eyes. I've got a little baby sister. Her name is Mihaela , but we call her just Misha.
I like rap music and my favorite singer is Eminem. I like watching movies. I have watched many films, but my favorite movies are ,,Lord of the Ring" and ,,Notebook" . 
In my free time I go out with friends or play sports.  

Hi, My name is Ivon.I`m 11  years old/5th grader/.I`ll be 12 in the beginning of 2014.My hair and eyes are brown and I am not very tall.My favourite music styles are pop and BG rap.I like the girls` band Little Mix and my favourite song of theirs is "Move". I  like drawing and I`m very good at it.My favourite colours are red, blue and purple.

Hi,my name is Atanas. I am a 5th grader.I am 11.I like rock music.I have got a brother.His name is Hristian.I like sports.I like track-and-field events very much.My favourite book is Harry Potter.And The Hunger Games is my favourite film.

Hi, my name is Kristian.I am 14 years old .I have brown hair and brown eyes.I love playing football.I love listening to BG Rap and Hip Hop.I have a dog. I live in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Hi! My name is Viktoria. I`m 14 years old. I have brown hair and green eyes. I love singing. I listen to all kinds of music. I have a dog. I live in Plovdiv. I am emotional and love meeting new people.

My name is Kaloyan. I live in Plovdiv. I`m 14.I like animals, Discovery Channel and rock music very much.
I also like history,Maths, English, Geography and Biology.

 Hi! My name is Antonia. I'm 13 years old /7th grader/. I live in Plovdiv and I study at St. Sofrony Vrachanski Secondary School . I've got brown long hair and brown eyes. I like rock music and my favourite groups are Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Arctic Monkeys. I like dancing, travelling to many places and sometimes drawing. I love watching movies. My favourite ones are ,, Perks of being a wallflower'' , ,,August rush'' , ,,Bridje to Terabithia'' and others.I love cats and dogs. My favourite colors are blue and purple.

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